Do you use drupal or joomla?
Our easiest website creation tool designed globally is unique in the sense that we have written our own system that is not based on both at all.

What is the catch,why is it so cheap to design a website through you?
There is obviously no catch.We design a website at this affordable rate because we use modules which are switched on and off at the click of a button.

For an online shop do you support the South African rand as currency?
We support ZAR plus any other global currency imagineable.

Can I have a mailing list on the N$76.67 package?
Yes the mailing list is available on all website packages.The N$191.67 package also has the advance mailing list package(similar to Majestic Interactive's Mailing list system)

How can you develop a full e commerce enabled website for only less than N$10 000 00?
It is easy,we have all the required modules pre developed so we only need to press a few buttons and your website is designed.

Why should I not use one of the free website design tools that are available everywhere?
Very good question!..."if something sounds to good to be true it probably is not true".
Something that is free always comes with a catch.If you want a website to be designed with results than talk with us.

Your e mail fees are quite expensive,can we negotiate about it?
We have to agree that our e mail fees are perhaps more expensive than other service providers(but we are still cheaper than others though).Most people,however,are happy with only one or two e mail accounts. You see the fee that you pay(between N$76.67 and N$191.67 per month)is actually very very low as it includes:
- hosting on fast,poweful servers.
- access to our software(which is worth a few hundred rand a month) including free upgrades(we deve loped new and improved features on a daily basis)
- personal support

Can clients buy online on my website with credit card?
Yes clients can pay for goods and services on your website with their credit cards.

Why do I need a website?
Any business owner should at least have an electronic brochure somewhere in cyberspace. The internet is the first place where potential business associates look to"check you out". A website is part of your public image. A website is a salesman.

Can my mobile enabled website also be viewed from a PC?
Yes!..when viewed from a PC,it will look like a normal website.

How long does it take to get a mobile enabled website?
About 15 minutes by following 5 simple steps.